CHF 595





The Bank’s environment and its organisation

Despite the constant changes in the financial world, the banking remains a major player in the economy.
This course allows you to understand the environment, the actors, the services and the structure of banks and financial intermediaries in Switzerland.


Anyone interested in the banking industry or who would like to consider a career in banking, not yet working in the banking field or with little experience.


This course allows students to acquire the basic knowledge of the banking industry and to understand the typical organisation of a bank as well as of a financial intermediary.

By the end of this cours the student should be able to :

• describe the banking industry

• explain the macroeconomic roles of banks

• define the different actors in and outside a bank

• identify the standard services and products of a bank

• assess the typical structure and organisation of a bank


• The organisation of a financial intermediary

• Macroeconomic roles of banks

• Swiss and the international financial markets

• The important internal and external actors of banks

• Standard banking products and services and their categorisation

• The organisation of a Swiss bank with its units and positions and the corresponding standard internal and external actors.


• Interactive courses, practical exercises and case studies.


• Teacher’s handouts


Professionals in the field, selected on the basis of their expertise and skills.

Durée et organisation

17 periods of 45 min. Evening session from 18h15 to 21h15 (subject to modifications)