CHF 775



This course is intended for both specialists and novices in the financial sector.

Banking skills are an asset, but not essential.


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Financial markets and products

An introduction to the methods of financial and stock market analysis comprising an indept study of the products commonly used on the financial markets: bonds, equities, investment funds, derivatives (futures, op-tions, crypto-currencies, etc.) as well as to trading on stock exchanges and trading platforms.

Evaluation et titre décerné

Written exam with certificate of successful completion (minimum grade required 4).


Anyone interested in the financial sector wishing to acquire knowledge of the financial markets and products.

This course is a prerequisite for the module “Introduction to Investment Strategy”.


By the end of this course the student should be able to :

• Understand the functioning of the various financial markets, organised or over-the-counter

• Identify, understand and use key financial products appropriately: equities, bonds, investment funds, derivatives, futures and options

• Link case studies to market concepts and financial products


• Financial Markets

• Bonds

• Stocks

• Investment funds

• Derivatives (futures, options, crypto-currencies,...)

• Tradig on stock exchanges and trading platforms


Interactive courses, practical exercises and case studies.


Bespoke training material provided by the facilitator


Denis Klotz, holder of a Master's degree in Finance and Management Information Systems from the University of Hartford (CT, USA) has been dealing for more than 25 years in the financial markets as an institutional broker for the largest groups.

Denis Klotz has been teaching at IFAGE for several years, and regularly intervenes as a speaker, in Switzerland and abroad.

He is also a member of the SECO expert group for the IHEID BCC program, and in this capacity intervened with the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in particular.

Durée et organisation

March 2021 (22 periods [45min.each] ), evening sessions from 18h15 to 21h15. Exam the 19th of May 2021.

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not scheduled yet - 6 candidates required for opening